Yamia is a former shinobi of Sunagakure. Currently, she has no affiliation to any village as Sunagakure is gone. However, she does teach at Konohagakure for the time being. Yamia hails from the Yuremashi clan.


Yamia is the first born of Jin Yuremashi and Rose Yuremashi. She lived a pretty average life, attending a regular school as a child where she learned proper math, english, and etiquette. Her father was a shinobi, however, while her mother was a simple farmer. Due to being the firstborn, she was rather loved. Often getting anything she asked for upon asking. Despite being spoiled, her attitude was far from rotten, she grew to be quite polite. She loved both of her parents, though had a preference for Rose.

She took up the trade the trade during her teen years to assist the family. Over time, Yamia managed to finish primary education a bit sooner than normal and began working full time on the farm. Eventually tragedy struck. Her father, a chunnin ranked shinobi, was out a simple scouting mission near the mines. Sadly, he never made it out alive, a group of rogues discovered his presence and ambushed him. Life was a bit rough as this was the first person close to Yamia that had ever died.

Despite this, she found comfort in her mother. Days became weeks, weeks became months. With time, all wounds healed. Then tragedy struck once again. One day, she returned home after a nice day of relaxation. She discovered that Rose had fallen ill. Despite the best medication and medical assistant found... it was no good. Her mother remained ill for over a month until her body eventually gave out. This was another crushing blow, to lose both parents consecutively. She mourned for a period, though resolved to use this depression in order to grow stronger. As such, Yamia was forced to mature a bit earlier than most would have. This helped shape her personality to this day. Due to these events, she forced to take responsibily of her family, effectively becoming the guardians of her two younger siblings.


In her youth, Yamia was a very polite child. She happened to be very bubbly and energetic. Also had a very strong case of curiousity. As she aged, Yamia became much calmer and level headed. It's usually very hard to enrage the woman unless physical action is taken as she's very tamed. Even once enraged, she's quick to put her temper back in check. Furthermore, Yamia is very caring for her allies, sometimes even for complete strangers. She has a strong sense of justice and dislikes people who abuse their power.

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